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Our mission is to make our clients more productive and profitable with the help of business intelligence and digitalization.

Fredrik Holm, CEO

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Are you tired of slipping deadlines, poor business intelligence, and revenue leakage?
Our PSA software Flowmine helps professional service providers establish a consistent approach to planning, measuring, and managing project performance across the entire lifecycle.

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What is Professional Services Automation (PSA) software?
The capabilities vary from solution to solution, but most PSAs offer project management, resource planning and budget tracking, timesheets and expense management, and business intelligence.

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What are the benefits of PSA software? And why is it relevant to you?
With PSA software in place, you get a singular point of information with real-time data that your entire organization can access. It can also automate many of your admin processes for you, freeing up the time and energy you and your team need to grow your core business.

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